Monday, June 9, 2008

Taking a turn behind the DM screen... a lot more appealing when the screen looks like this: 

We had a D&D-filled weekend after the Seattle Game Day, but my son wasn't eager to take a turn behind the DM screen—despite the fact that I think he'd be a natural at evocative description and exciting encounters. Well, then today I got one of those awesome resin castle "screens" from Alliance and Gale Force Nine, which he had been drooling over at the Game Day event. (The picture doesn't show the center section—one tower was broken off in shipping, and the Krazy Glue was drying when I took this shot.) That made DMing a lot more appealing. So we had an encounter in the inn—an evil wizard animated a sculptor's statue, which attacked and then turned into rocky minions when we destroyed it. It was great.

The kids, they love the toys.

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