Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Storm Dragon Review

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review has posted a . . . not altogether unfavorable review of Storm Dragon. He gives it seven out of 10. 

Bits I liked:
"There’s also a real sense of purpose about the writing that I found refreshing. Wyatt doesn’t hang around or take you off down blind alleys"
"The story itself is a good one and will keep you interested . . ."
". . . there’s enough there to make me look forward to seeing how the trilogy pans out . . ."

Check it out. Heck, I'm just glad people are noticing it.

But to make myself feel better, I will also post snippets from the good folks on the Worlds of D&D forums :

Zot: "One of my favorite Eberron novels so far. Absolutely no hardcover regret here"

Jetty: "It is a great book and rightfully published in hardcover. . . it has a good story, great characters, interesting locations and a lot of surprises. "

DragonReader: "the book is excellent. James Wyatt has crafted a great story and populated with a bunch of extremely interesting characters . . . . This was a very well written and engaging book. It really grabbed my attention and kept it all the way through."

Sturm Jaeger: "The characters are fascinating and the plot is very intriguing. . . I enjoyed the entire novel. Interesting locations, complex characters you care about, excellent action scenes, fun dialogue. Very well done!"

Go check out the great forums over at Worlds of D&D—lots of Eberron authors hang out there, too.

Oh, and read Storm Dragon, too. Five out of six readers surveyed loved it! 

Me? I am:
• Writing the Dungeon Master's Guide
• Outlining Dragon War
• Revising Dragon Forge
• Finishing the Player's Handbook art order
• Trying to keep in touch with the Player's Handbook and Monster Manual now that they're in editing
• Starring in a production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
• Still trying to remodel this darned house, before my family arrives for Thanksgiving.
• Feeling a little stressed...