Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My GenCon schedule

2:00 D&D World of Eberron seminar
10:00 Signing in Author Alley
12:00 Bringing Your Concept to Life panel (IIGoH)
2:00 Wizards booth
4:00 D&D World of Forgotten Realms seminar
6:00 Top 5 Best Gaming Products panel (IIGoH)
8:00 ENnies Ceremony
10:00 I Want to Be a Dungeon Master seminar
12:00 D&D 4th Edition Extravaganza seminar
4:00 Wizards booth
1:00 Religion, Fantasy, and Roleplaying talk (IIGoH)
IIGoH is short for Industry Insider Guest of Honor, a role I'm proud to be playing again this year.

Hope to see you in Indy!