Friday, June 6, 2008

Dragon Forge . . . and 4E!

Dragon Forge is out, and it's featured prominently on the Wizards Books site. You can download chapter 1, which—even if I say it myself—is a pretty awesome chapter. I'm hoping that the interview and article I did will also show up there soon.

Fourth Edition is also out. Sales are awesome, I'm told. Response has been equally awesome. Our employee game day yesterday was totally awesome, and I can't wait to run the adventure again tomorrow. Bill's game last night was also awesome. Baredd perfectly tanked a barlgura—it never attacked anyone but me! And I managed not to drop once, though my repeatedly laying hands on myself provoked some snickers. (Especially from Biggie Smalls...)

Have fun playing D&D this weekend! 

Man, I forgot to publish my last entry. Well, two new ones for the price of one...

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