Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dragon Forge Interview Is Live

The interview I did for the Wizards website is live at last. Check it out!

The Stephen King question was interesting. It's clear to me that the market doesn't support my answer—it's full of clunky bestsellers that tell good stories in inelegant prose. I just finished The Judas Strain, by James Rollins, which I wouldn't call an old clunker of a car, was making some funny knocking noises throughout the first third. Nah, throughout the book actually. 

Requires more thought. But not now. Now is for sleep.

Except that I have to mention that in this week's fight against a barlgura, Baredd got a crit with martyr's retribution, dishing out 48 points of damage and knocking it dead. Good times.

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