Monday, August 1, 2011

Gen Con 2011

Hey, what's this fancy blog thing just lying around here? What's my login again?

Is this thing on?

Oh, hello. I figured I'd pop in here and post my schedule at Gen Con this year. You know, in case you're there and want to say hi.

Thursday, August 4
4:00–6:00 Seminar: Art of Adventure Design

Friday, August 5
2:00–4:00 Spin a Yarn with Ed Greenwood
4:00–6:00 Seminar: Art of the Dungeon Master

Saturday, August 6
10:00–12:00 Seminar: D&D Product Line Review
2:00–4:00 D&D Live with R&D
4:00–6:00 Discussion with R.A. Salvatore

Hope to see you there!

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