Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 12345 Party: I think everybody should have a party celebrating their twelve-thousandth-three-hundred-and-forty-fifth day of existence. By my figuring, it happens when you’re 33.82 years old, which you should be able to fudge as necessary.

Me, I’m just looking forward to my 23456 Party when I’m 64 and a quarter.
I remember thinking that it would be fun to have a third-of-a-century birthday party. It would have been on January 7, 2002. It is particularly strange for me to realize that I was contemplating this seven years ago, when I had only been at Wizards for 2 years.

Excuse me? Where has the last decade gone?

In other news:
This means that when we go to Jeremy's house to play D&D on Saturday, we'll have one PH2 for me and my sorcerer, one for Amy and her deva invoker, and one for my son and his deva swordmage. I guess maybe that's one more than we really need.


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