Saturday, February 28, 2009

Too busy to breathe...

At work: Trying to finish work on DMG2 and help wrap up design on PH3, fill holes in other books, and . . . oh yeah, be a manager.

At home: Revising Dragon War. Word count is pretty meaningless at this point. I have finished 38 chapters of 43 in the first draft. Unfortunately, in writing the first draft I was so ready to be done by the time I got to this point that I zoomed right through and left a lot of loose ends dangling. So now I have to do some significant writing, not just revising, and I'm down to the last week before my drop-dead deadline. Gah!

And today we drove to Port Angeles to pick up a dresser Amy found on Craig's List. Lovely terrain, but a very long day.

Good gaming lately: Mike Mearls mentioned on Facebook that he watched me fail about 15 of maybe 18 saving throws I rolled during our lunchtime game on Thursday. Thursday night we played 2/3 of the way from a side trek from Dungeon Delve. Friday the characters in the Greenbrier campaign fought some dolgrims and mad slashers, a warped goblin mindwrecker, and a darkmantle, while the Brier Haunt whispered to Oskar that this was the place to use the ritual scroll that Havrakhad gave him back in the village...

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Anonymous said...

First off, Breathe!!! We wouldn't want to have to give you CPR.

Secondly, How is your normal saving throw luck?

Third and final, hi.