Friday, March 6, 2009

Dragon War is finished!

The final draft of Dragon War, the third book in my Draconic Prophecies trilogy, is done and off to the editor!

114,528 words of dragony goodness.

And I am off to celebrate! :)


Red Jason said...

Can't wait to read it!!!

Linda Wyatt said...

That has to feel good.
Now go relax.
For a minute or two.

Lance said...

First, I've been anxiously anticipating this book. About how long does it generally take a finished manuscript to go through the production process and reach the shelves? I continually check your blog, hoping to see some clue as to when to head down to Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy, but haven't found anything yet.

Second, I'm curious as to what race you play on WoW... and do you prefer Horde or Alliance...

Lastly, do you think the introduction of a game like WoW, has had a signifigant impact on the amount of people that now play D&D? I enjoy both, but caught myself wondering the other day if most tradional D&D gamers now preferred the richness of an online game to having to use books and imagination. What are your thoughts?

Unknown said...

I just finished all three books in a very productive week, and I must say there was amazing buildup coming up to this 3rd book and I couldnt wait for him to finaly realize that He was the storm regardless if he had his mark or not but The ending to this series was horrible it seemed as thoughyou couldnt think of a good ending so you just rushed into the ending and brought it to a very abrupt ending, all in all good series but because of that ending it definately changed my whole view on the series