Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I feel better now...

Within the span of four hours after posting my little Slashdot rant, I received three encouraging emails that helped me get past that particular knot of frustration. One from a person in my office, one from a person at Slashdot, and one from a fellow Eberron novelist—none of whom I would have guessed read my blog regularly (what's to read?). Anyway, thanks, folks. 

See, the great part is that I get to go to my game on Thursday night and enjoy the fruits of those years of work, throwing d20s around almost as fast as the terrible jokes, doing the paladin thing, kicking monster butt. It's the best D&D I've ever played, and I've played many different D&Ds since 1979.

I think it's my fault, by the way, that Steve Winter decided to play Biggie Smalls as the halfling Ron Jeremy. I'm still sorry. But my character (Baredd) insists on calling him Mr. Smallpenny.

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