Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fearlessly dead

My paladin, Baredd, died tonight, at the poisonous fangs of a green dragon two levels higher than him. It seemed, somehow, as though someone were trying to prove a point. And what a point—at the end of the fight, of the six characters, two were dead and three were unconscious. Jarrett the halfling warlock saved the day!

I think the number of times my d20 came up above 9 might have been lower than 5, starting with my initiative roll and proceeding on to a whole bunch of saves against ongoing poison damage.

However, because we successfully rooted out the followers of Tiamat masquerading as a fanatical sect of the church of Bahamut, my companions managed to get Baredd raised. I need to give some thought to how death might change Baredd, though. Is he still confident of his ability to help build a better world, restoring the glory of the lost empire? Or is his undying optimism perhaps tempered somewhat after this experience? "Not even death can stop me!" might be his attitude now...

Good times. Still loving this game. It's even gotten better while I've been on vacation.

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