Sunday, July 9, 2006

d20 Future

On the topic of playing D&D with my son...

This weekend I brought home d20 Future, at his request. He likes fantasy, but he also has a taste for the high-tech. So on Saturday he made up a character: a 4th-level Tough hero/Dreadnought with a dozen mutations and a mecha. Together with my bioreplica robot Strong hero/Soldier, he fought off a klick invasion of our colony and rescued a "power core" (whatever that is) from a magma-covered planet. Besides the klick stats in d20 Future, I applied the extraterrestrial template from d20 Future to an ankheg and, when even that proved too easy for the mecha, a chuul (which nearly killed us both), to replicate larger species related to the klicks. Then on magmaworld we fought a magma hurler and an elemental wall, sans mecha. Finally, we defended our colony against more klicks—this time with an AT-ST to provide a challenge for the mecha.

It's been fun, but scifi is really not my thing. I don't have a clear vision of what this "campaign" is, and I find it much harder to throw encounters together. (Not being able to just pick minis and use stats off their cards is a significant factor.) It's also quite clear to me that these 4th-level characters shouldn't be toting a Large mecha around—mechas are pretty clearly designed for mecha-on-mecha action, not for blasting monsters of a challenge rating equal to your level.

But what matters is that he's having fun, right? He gets to use a micro series Transformer for his mecha, combined with both Star Wars and D&D minis. It's all good.

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