Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My GenCon schedule

2:00 D&D World of Eberron seminar
10:00 Signing in Author Alley
12:00 Bringing Your Concept to Life panel (IIGoH)
2:00 Wizards booth
4:00 D&D World of Forgotten Realms seminar
6:00 Top 5 Best Gaming Products panel (IIGoH)
8:00 ENnies Ceremony
10:00 I Want to Be a Dungeon Master seminar
12:00 D&D 4th Edition Extravaganza seminar
4:00 Wizards booth
1:00 Religion, Fantasy, and Roleplaying talk (IIGoH)
IIGoH is short for Industry Insider Guest of Honor, a role I'm proud to be playing again this year.

Hope to see you in Indy!


ChattyDM said...

Looking forward to seeing you again... and I'll want to hear all about your PCs :)

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly... you were onboard for some #genconafterhours gaming.... isn'tthat right, Mr. Wyatt?

Dave The Game said...

The email I received said the Ennies start at 7, so you might want to adjust that... you don't want to miss some of your categories!

Anonymous said...

Hi James. I left you an @ message on twitter but I figured I'd hit you from this side aswell. I'd love to hear your talk on Religion, Fantasy & Roleplaying but I'm in the UK so chances of that happening are slim to none. Do you know if the event is streamed online or podcasted? Thanks brother.

Unknown said...

I'm wondering if anyone taped your seminars. I wasn't able to attend any of them, and really would have liked to.