Sunday, November 18, 2007

Writing 'n' Stuff

Two Storm Dragon reviews: Mania Books and Publisher's Weekly

This morning I finished the sixth draft of an outline for Dragon Forge. There are still some holes and themes I need to think through a little more, but I think that I could start writing tomorrow, only a week behind schedule. That means I have to make up 6,000 words over the next 19 weeks, which should be easy to do. 

Meanwhile, Dragon Forge is back in its editor's loving hands. So that's one thing off my plate.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is finished, of course. So let's see. I am:
• Still writing the Dungeon Master's Guide.
• Just about finished outlining Dragon War and ready to start writing.
• Trying to finish the Dungeon Master's Guide art order.
• Trying to keep in touch with the Monster Manual and Player's Handbook now that they're in editing.
• Working closely with Bill Slavicsek and Mike Mearls to hammer out the last lingering rules issues in the game,
• Still trying to get the house looking beautiful, though my mother is already here and my brothers arrive in the next couple of days.
• Still feeling stressed...

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