Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Storm Dragon Tidbits

The First (?) Review!
A very favorable review has just been posted on The Beezer Review. Many thanks to the author, BeezerMN, for such a thoughtful review—and for calling it to my attention! The same review appears on the amazon.com page for the book.

"With this novel, Mr. Wyatt has proven he will no doubt make a name for himself as a fantasy author. I, for one, hope his career is long and storied as his books are a joy to read. I can easily see myself recommending this novel to many, many people."

Wizards' Press Release
I had no idea this was written and put out. Only some deep digging through Google search results turned it up. A more focused Google search reveals that it was picked up, though it appears most widely on financial pages for Hasbro. Huh.

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