Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh, Yeah, There's This...

I've been remiss about updating, partly because I got a .Mac subscription in September and I'm still trying to decide in my head if I want to move my blog to that server and perhaps even let the domain name go. That would make me sad, but how long has it been since I've done any work (or any gaming) in Aquela? A very long time.

But the important thing is this, as of this past Sunday (the 14th):
Zokutou word meter
120,555 / 120,000

I've started working through the manuscript toward a final draft. That's a much happier place to be: sitting at Starbucks with my printed manuscript on one side (covered in my wife's notes), my editor's notes on the other side, and a cinnamon dolce latte in my hands, without any word-count target for the day. There's still some time pressure—I need to get this done so that I can start outlining and writing the next book! Oop—did I spill the beans?

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