Friday, November 24, 2006

Carter's view of Thanksgiving

We had a nice Thanksgiving, with four folks from the office over and a very fine meal. But Carter really wanted this group of people to play Vegas Showdown with him, which I had brought home from work the day before. He and Amy and I stayed up late playing on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, only five people can play that game, and the seven people we had were not particularly interested. We were happy sitting around the fire, digesting our food and talking about a wide variety of topics.

So Carter wrote out and delivered (standing on a chair) a speech. Here it is:

Talking. Talk, talk, talk. That's what talking is. Well, Vegas Showdown is much more . . . talkative. Well, there's talking, talking, and . . . Oh! Talking. So, will you reconsider?
(response) . . . . . .
I'm waiting!
(response) . . . . . 
Come on, answer!
. . . . . 
* sigh*

What does it say about his experience of the day that he wrote in, before delivering the speech, what he would say when we didn't respond? Poor kid. It's tough being an only child, especially when so many of our friends don't have kids. (And the ones that do have families around to have Thanksgiving dinner with.)

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