Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Exciting news, and why I love the internet

First, the exciting news: Wizards of the Coast has posted Chapter 1 of In the Claws of the Tiger on their web site. Go check it out! Read it! Start panting and drooling for more! Pre-order the book, using the link below and to the right!

And now, why I love the Internet. I got this email today:

Re: Flat on my back, continued...

I found this post on a search for percoset and nausea, as I am sitting here now dealing with both.  This entry was both entertaining and enlightening and took my mind off it for the moment.  Thanks, but now that I'm finished with it I need to go puke.  Not your fault, of course.
I was a little stunned that a search for "percoset nausea" on Google brought up my page as the seventh search result. "Holy cats!" I thought. "Drug companies would pay millions to get that high in the search rankings!" Then someone pointed out that the drug is spelled percocet. So it turns out that I made a random connection with a complete stranger because neither of us knows how to spell the name of the drug we are or were taking.

I blame the Percocet.

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