Sunday, December 11, 2005

A few more random things...

A couple months ago I mentioned working on a project with Andy Collins and Gwen Kestrel. Well, it's finally posted on the Wizards web site, and it's a new look at the classic adventure, White Plume Mountain. I wrote up the intelligent weapons from that adventure in the D&D Arms & Equipment Guide, but treating them as legacy weapons (using the fabulous rules in Weapons of Legacy) was really, really cool. My favorite thing about using a legacy item in an adventure is the idea that you'll keep using that item, and unlocking new capabilities from it, long after the adventure is over. It makes adventures really memorable.

On Friday, I went in to work and found a copy of the May–August 2006 catalog on my chair, which includes... my novel! I saw the cover a couple of weeks ago (featuring a painting by Wayne Reynolds, which rocks), but it was pretty neat to see it in the catalog. I've been getting good feedback from those who've read it, including my editor. And I'm getting excited to start the next one, as soon as I get a breath of free time.

Last little thing: The other day I ran across a little essay I wrote for this site three years ago. It seems as pertinent now as it was then, and I don't know how many of you saw it then. It's sort of an Advent meditation.

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